Company of One, the podcast

Company of One is a podcast that explores what happens when businesses challenge the traditional idea that bigger is always better. What if we break from the idea that growth in revenue, customers and employees is always the byproduct of success and focus instead on what it means to create richer and more fulfilling careers and businesses that don’t require exponential growth in all directions at all times?

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How to become a total sell-out

Shaunna is a sellout in an actually positive definition of the term: she paints how and what other people want from her. but this gives her the freedom to work from home, take time off and travel, and that is more valuable to her than just painting whatever she wants. Sponsored by Freshbooks. Help this […]

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The magic of fostering business relationships

Ryan Oakes is a magician and mentalist who works with companies like Twitter, GE and Google. He’s been on Harry Connick Jr’s TV show and covered by Forbes and The New York Times and Wall St Journal. He’s also a smart business strategist who knows how to nurture business relationships to move forward in his […]

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Using support to drive intentional growth

Support-Driven Growth is a business approach aimed at shifting the customer support channel from cost center to critical revenue driver, which makes sense, since support staff are in direct contact with customers, all day, every day. Mo McKibbon leads SDG at Helpscout. Sponsored by Freshbooks. Help this show If you enjoyed this episode, I’d love […]

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How to build a business you accidentally hate

When happens when you create a profitable business, but in doing so, you realize it’s something you actually want to be a part of? Margo Aaron explains what happened for her, how she dealt with it, and how she’s going to avoid doing it again. There’s a difference, of course, between the business you could […]

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The radical subversiveness of building a lifestyle business

Knowing what “enough” is for each of us, and for our work, is a very liberating thing. What happens when we push back against this dominant business narrative? Lauren Bacon explains. Sponsored by Freshbooks. Help this show If you enjoyed this episode, I’d love to have your support with a review on iTunes. Every single […]

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You aren’t a legitimate entrepreneur if you haven’t raised money, right?

Whenever there’s a single narrative or single truth in business, it’s typically only truth for one group of people, to the exclusion of everyone else. Kate Kendall and I discuss. Sponsored by Freshbooks. Help this show If you enjoyed this episode, I’d love to have your support with a review on iTunes. Every single review […]

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Getting acquired by one of the biggest companies on the internet

Channing Allen runs a website called IndieHackers with his brother Courtland. They’re a two-person team who advocates staying small and intentional growth. Then, one day, they got an email from the billionaire CEO of one of the largest tech companies on the planet to be acquired.

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A conversation with Cait Flanders, bestselling author and friend

On the Pinterest generation and debt, enoughness, marketing and the changing face of expertise online. Sponsored by Freshbooks. Help this show If you enjoyed this episode, I’d love to have your support with a review on iTunes. Every single review and rating help attract new listeners, which helps me to continue making this show.

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Finding space in business to niche

AJ is the enigmatic founder of Carrd. He runs a profitable software business that focuses on the space between business to consumer and business to niche.

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Building a company that you manage vs building a business that manages you

Abby Walker is the CEO of Vivian Lou. She runs a multi-million dollar physical product company from her home wearing sweats (and high heels).

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Laura Roeder is an open book

What, if anything, drives growth with MeetEdgar?

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An excerpt from the Company of One Book

Suppose the better—and smarter—solution is simply to remain small?

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Solopreneurism is a myth

It’s difficult for any one person to do all the things it takes to run a business, be an expert at all the things, and find time to actually get all the things done.

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Jason Fried on existing over exiting

In this episode I talk to Jason Fried, founder of Basecamp, about a common misconception that people have about the VC/Silicon Valley/Tech world.

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Enough already

Exterior mindfulness (some call it minimalism) only works when we solve for enough.

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Spencer Fry and the benefits of venture-backed businesses

In this episode I’m talking to Spencer Fry, the founder of Podia and we’re duking it out (to the death) on the topic of venture capital.

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I don’t actually care about growth

But I know this about myself: I’m better at working than delegating work. And I don’t want to learn how to be better at the latter either.

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Dan Provost scales sales volume

Studio Neat were aiming for $10k for the campaign and ended up reaching almost $140k…

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A guide to running a minimalist business

Minimalism isn’t just for people who want to live out of a backpack or cram their life into a tiny house.

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Danielle LaPorte and hungry ghosts

Complexity in business can become a beast with an insatiable appetite for your time, resources and money.

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Company of One, teaser

Welcome to Company of One. It’s a new podcast hosted by me, Paul Jarvis, coming to your tiny pocket computers soon.

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