Company of One

Dan Provost scales sales volume

In this episode we’ll hear from Dan Provost, 50% of the Studio Neat team. They started in 2010 with a piece of hardware, called a Glif, that mounted a smartphone onto a standard camera tripod. They were aiming for $10k for the campaign and ended up reaching almost $140k. They rebooted the Glif in 2016 and raised $208k, passing their $50k goal in less than a day.

Their ridiculous success on Kickstarter isn’t the story here though. What’s interesting about Studio Neat is that the company is just two people: Dan and his business partner Tom. That’s it. Their office is a garage behind Tom’s backyard in Austin, Texas.

They’ve been able to build a company of one, with two people, shipping thousands of orders at a time after successful crowdfunding campaigns, and make the whole thing work without sacrificing having a good life. They embody the ideas and mindset of thriving as a company of one without scaling his company.

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