What if the byproduct of business success isn’t scale or growth, but freedom?

Learn how to make staying small the best business decision you’ll make. Use the proven ideas from the book to shape your own profitable and sustainable business. This is the Co1 (company of one) Academy.

  1. Learn the benefits of operating like a company of one
  2. Implement the ideas in your own business
  3. Be supported by a like-minded community

Buy now, $100 USD

Do you own a copy of the Company of One book? If so, you can get $30 off, just forward the receipt to [email protected]


  • 100% guaranteed: if you aren’t happy, get a full refund
  • Watch anywhere: lessons and community work on any browser or device
  • Interactive: talk to others to share ideas and work through struggles together
  • On demand: get instant and forever access to everything and go at your own pace

The company of one community

Just because you work for yourself doesn’t mean you have to work by yourself. It’s dangerous (and boring) to go it completely alone—that’s why there’s a community to connect, encourage and move each other forward. Think of it as a virtual water-cooler for people like you who aren’t working in a place with an actual water-cooler.

Why the Co1 academy

  • The Company of One book, which is what the lessons are based on, has already sold thousands of copies
  • The training is backed by both research and real-world stories from people running successful companies of one
  • Paul Jarvis (the instructor) has taught over 13,000 students in other online courses

Lesson list

In 7 lessons you’ll get a clear idea on how to build a better (not bigger) business that’s rewarding, profitable and long-lasting.

  1. Companies of one, a primer
  2. Begin to question enough growth
  3. Lock down a focus
  4. Take simple steps
  5. Develop an exist strategy
  6. Build social capital
  7. Stay helpful
  8. Bonus: instant and forever access to the Co1 community


Get instant and forever access to the Co1 Academy for $100. Learn how to run your business like a company of one.

Buy now, $100 USD

Frequently asked questions

Who is this for?
Any business owner who wants to build their company based on the idea that growth at all costs is a bad idea. That’s it. The lessons work for any type of business, market or niche.

What is a company of one?
It’s not just a one-person business, it’s a business of any size that questions growth.

Why would I want to be a company of one?
Through experience, scientific research and interviews over the last few years, businesses that challenge the idea that rapid growth are actually less likely to fail.

How much time will it take?
Technically the lessons take less than one hour watch. But the main point is to take what you learn and implement it into your business in a way that makes sense. Bettering your business to be more efficient, profitable and enjoyable takes as long as you run your business.

Why does the community matter?
Think of the academy as the framework and common ground that puts everyone in the same mindset and gives them the same knowledge. The community is where you can share, explore, and get feedback on your business. It’s where you can continue to show up and build business relationships with other owners who are doing similar things. We’re stronger together.

What if I want my money back?
If you don’t feel like you got anything from the lessons or community—I don’t want your money. Just ask for a refund.

How do the lessons work?
Once you buy the course, you get instant and forever access to the lessons and community. That means, you can go at your own pace, whenever you want. You can watch the videos and talk in the community from any device and browser.

What I have more questions?
Just ask, and I’m to help or help figure out if this is right for you. Ping me at [email protected].

I look forward to seeing you in the lessons and community today

Buy now, $100 USD

Do you own a copy of the Company of One book? If so, you can get $30 off, just forward the receipt to [email protected]