Company of One, teaser

I’m Paul Jarvis and this is a preview of Company of One, a new podcast that explores what happens when businesses challenge the traditional idea that bigger is always better. A show where I break from the belief that growth in revenue, customers and employees is the measure of success and focus instead on what it means to create richer and more fulfilling careers and businesses that don’t require exponential growth in all directions at all times.

I share from my book, Company of One, and talk to business leaders, startup founders, entrepreneurs and freelancers who’ve seen financial gains and personal reward by starting and staying small. This show picks up where my book leaves off, lending more stories, ideas and conversations about creating a profitable and long-lasting business without the trappings of rapid growth.

At first, I thought I was alone in championing this counter-intuitive notion of how business could work, but the more I shared why I rejected growth in my own business, the more I heard that others felt the same way. Drawing from a 20-year career working for myself through two recessions, I posit that growth doesn’t have to be a byproduct of success, and in fact, the most beneficial consequence of success can be not growing at all.

Welcome to Company of One. It’s a new podcast hosted by me, Paul Jarvis, coming to your tiny pocket computers soon.

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